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How to clean and maintain earrings?

Pubdate: 2022-02-24 14:07 


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Every girl may wear earrings, and if you want earrings to last longer, you need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. Today, I am here to talk to you briefly.

How to clean and maintain stainless steel earrings? earrings factory
 1. Maintenance method
In the case of wearing earrings, it is best not to expose them to the sun, especially golden ones, which are more prone to fading.
It is best not to get the earrings wet.
If the earrings are not worn for a long time, it is best to put them in a small box so that they will not be oxidized.
Ear hooks should be rubbed frequently, and erythromycin eye ointment should be used, which is both hygienic and anti-inflammatory.
Try not to wear earrings when exercising or doing housework, so as not to lose or damage the earrings quotation by swinging too much.
Do not let the earrings come into contact with acid and alkaline liquids, so as not to be corroded and tarnished.
Second, earring cleaning
Use a small empty glass, put the earrings in it, then take a bottle of carbonated drink (Coke works best), make sure it's freshly opened, pour the Coke into the glass and cover the earrings, there will be a lot of small Air bubbles on earrings.
Don't touch the glass, leave it like this for 30 minutes, then take it out, by which time the cola has eaten some of the discolored material. All you need to do is to take out a towel-like cloth and wipe it for 2 minutes.

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