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Does stainless steel jewelry turn your skin green?

Pubdate: 2023-04-15 18:36 


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Why jewelry turn your skin green?


Jewelry turn green in daily life


Have you ever had a necklace or ring turn your skin green?

Many people have this kind of trouble:you purchase a new necklace and patiently wait for the day. After arrival,you are happy to try it on your neck,but after a period of wearing,you noted that your neck is green.


We all know how irritating this is, and what's worse is that we don't know why it turn green,but you don't want to stop wearing necklace,and you're also worried about "Does it cause allergies?"


Then why the necklace turn your skin green?

Some people like to wear stainless steel necklace,it also will turn green?


The reason of turning green:


The main reason for turning skin green is that the acids in your skin react with metal alloy and produce a salt.Metals and acids don't mix well, especially when it relate to cheaper metals.Especially the popular copper material in jewelry, copper jewelry is very easy to leave green marks,because copper is one of the most reactive metals, it will oxidize rapidly in wet conditions.The mixture of sweat and copper creates a salt compound that gets absorbed into the skin and leaves a green stain.Many people see this reaction on their fingers first,because our hands sweat a lot, especially between our fingers, which often leaves green stains where we wear our rings.


It's worth noting that this green stains isn't a skin allergy -- as skin allergies usually cause redness, swelling and itching. If you remove jewelry from time to time, this green color left on your skin will disappear on its own.


Stainless Steel Jewelry turn green easily?


We know that mainstream copper materials are very easy to turn your skin green, so is stainless steel easy to turn green?


Stainless steel is a durable material and retains its luster. And it is scratch resistant and corrosion resistant, can withstand the daily wear.


What's more, stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal, it does not contain elements and metals that tend to turn your skin green, and will not oxidize and turn your wrists, neck or fingers green.


How to avoid jewelry turning skin green?


Keep your skin dry


The best way to keep your skin from turning green is to keep it dry. If you are washing your hands or showering, remove all jewelry until your skin is completely dry. If you plan on swimming at the beach or pool, leave your jewelry at home. If you still want to wear it, try drying your skin often and using zinc-free powders and deodorants.


Stay away from chemicals


You should try to keep your jewelry away from lotions, perfumes, soaps and other chemicals that touch with your skin.It is recommended to remove the jewelry when washing hands, swimming in chlorinated or salt water.


Protective coating for jewelry


Applying a nail polish top coat helps in creating a barrier between your jewelry and your skin and a protective coat can last for a few days.


Don’t buy cheap jewelry


Cheap jewelry mixed with cheap alloys like copper and nickel can get skin green.Hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry can be a good choice as it is fewer reactions in people with sensitive skin.

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