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What should I do if the titanium steel ring is stuck and cannot be removed?

Pubdate: 2022-02-21 11:20 


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Stainless steel jewelry is all the rage these days, but have you ever had a titanium ring that got stuck and couldn't get it out? It's easy to put on, but more difficult to take off, mostly because of fat hands. Don't panic in such a situation, you can try some of the following methods, which may be able to remove the ring quickly and safely.

Titanium steel ring can not be taken off the conventional method

1. Common Law

Grab the titanium ring with your index finger and thumb, then gently turn the ring back and forth while taking it out. At this time, remember not to pull too hard, otherwise the fingers will become swollen, and it will be more difficult to take them out at this time.

2. Lubrication method

You can't take it out with the usual methods, or if the skin is damaged, you can try adding lubricating oil. Choose a certain amount of lubricant to apply to the finger joints (many household items can be used as lubricants), then as usual, take the titanium steel ring back and forth on the finger while taking it out, and you can continue to add lubricant dose, just try a few more times.

3. Lifting method

Raise your hand. If you still can't get the ring off, put your hand on your shoulder, put the ring down after a few minutes, and try to remove the ring.

4. Cold water method

Everyone knows the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction. You can soak your hands in cold water for a few minutes, and then try to turn the titanium steel ring. If it doesn't work, you can change the way, and you don't need to soak your hand to hurt. After all, there is a way.

5. Dental floss method

Floss your finger in a loop (a needle through the ring if needed) and wrap it all the way to the joint. Don't hurt your fingers or make your fingers turn blue and purple when bandaging, and loosen them properly. Take the floss off, put it in the water for a while, and start with your fingertips. Your titanium ring will continue to move forward as you start the extraction from the root, and soon you will be able to extract the tooth.

Using the above methods, the ring can basically be removed safely, but if the ring still cannot be removed after using these methods, you can only go to the hospital or the nearby fire department to remove it with special tools. I hope this article useful to you.

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