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Introduction of Different Gold Plating Processes for Stainless Steel Jewelry

Pubdate: 2022-02-21 11:20 


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The level of clothing, food, housing, and transportation for everyone is constantly improving. Nowadays, stainless steel raw materials have been solved by surface gold-plated raw materials, which are deeply loved by many young people. The traditional gold plating process of stainless steel jewelry should be solved by nickel plating first, otherwise it will cause harm to the body. Let Hengdaxin Jewelry Factory share with you the difference between the processing technology of stainless steel gold-plated jewelry and the traditional technology.

The importance of coating adhesion after traditional stainless steel gold plating production and processing depends on the impact nickel plating process. Due to proper impact nickel plating, the bath is specified to have strong acidity and alkalinity and high conductivity. The chromaticity and toughness of the stainless steel gold plating after production processing lies in the bright nickel plating. However, it has been confirmed by testing that nickel plating before production and processing of stainless steel gold plating has negative effects, so it is necessary to develop and design gold plating processing technology on stainless steel. Due to the serious passivation of the surface of stainless steel, if the passivation film is not removed immediately, it is easy to cause poor electrical alluvial bonding force of metal materials, which is prone to adverse effects.

Experiments show that the bonding force of the gold-plated layer after gold flash gold plating on stainless steel is not very good, indicating that the bonding force of flash gold is worse than that of flash nickel. Compared with the composition and processing technology of stainless steel flash nickel and flash gold, the key is that the acid value and polarity of flash gold are insufficient, and the passivation film cannot be removed quickly.

But after a certain adjustment, it can not only improve the reliability of the main salt in strong alkali, but also increase the inrush current; in addition, it also increases the acid value, accelerates the destruction of the passivation film, and can maintain stronger stainless steel gold plating production and processing quality.

In the case of stainless steel gold plating production and processing, the regulations on the plating solution are very strict. Friends who are interested in understanding the electroplating processing of stainless steel jewelry are welcome to consult.

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