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Why are the quotations of various jewelry factories so different?

Pubdate: 2022-02-24 14:04 


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W: I do foreign trade. I received an order for silver jewelry a few days ago, and I found a few silver jewelry factories for quotations, but the quotations are very different. I would like to ask how the silver jewelry factories quoted prices.
D: The price quoted by the jewelry factory is actually very simple. It is the cost of buying silver, plus the production cost, plus the production profit, and the sum is the price of the silver jewelry.

Although the quotation of silver jewelry is very simple, different jewelry factories have different raw materials, different workmanship, different electroplating effects, and different profits, and the prices obtained are definitely different.

For example, a silver ring needs to be inlaid with diamonds, but there are many grades of diamonds, and the cost of the best diamonds and the worst diamonds is very different; another example is polishing. Some silver jewelry factories use manual 360-degree all-round fine polishing, and some simply use machine grinding, so the cost of the two is several times different; another example is electroplating, some are electroplating silver, some are electroplating platinum, the thickness of electroplating is different, and the cost It will also be different, so the cost of the two is much different.

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